Privacy Policy

All visitors and customers visiting our website must read and stay updated about the terms and privacy policy of the website. You need to know the information collected and where, how and why the information collected is used. The website values the privacy of all its patrons and hence we implement this privacy policy with complete transparency, customer choice and data security in mind.

Privacy policy concerns about how the information is collected, used and shared through the website and all its affiliate sites and sub domains and also the other plug-ins exchanging the details with the website. The privacy policy manages the use of online services of customers including the visiting and browsing of the website and the actions that are taken in regards to the online services. So, by using the online services on the website you accept the terms of the privacy policy.

Information Collection Practices

  • Visitor Data – WWW.KITCHENDESIGN1.CO.UK collects and tracks certain information automatically based on the behaviour and visit of the consumers. So, when any visitors use or visit the website, certain information and data of visitors like browser settings, URL, IP address, screen resolution, plug-ins, cookie preferences, and more are collected.
  • Cookies – WWW.KITCHENDESIGN1.CO.UK uses cookie technology to link internet related information about the visitors with other information related to their database. Company uses standard cookie features of some important browser apps ad 3rd part providers. If you disable the cookie you will be allowed to use the website, but you may not be allowed to access the advanced features.
  • Web Bacons – A software technology is used called clear gift which is the programming code and can be used to display images on website. It may be used in the site to transfer the user information to database and links the visitors with previously obtained information
  • 3rd Party Tracking – The use of the tracking technologies by service providers, 3rd parties on the site are not covered within our privacy policy. They may use clear gifts, cookies, scripts, images and other to help them manage the content on the site and it is not under our privacy policy.
  • No Information from Child – We never market to children and not even target the. The company doesn’t collect any information about and from children that is below the age of 13 years. If any information is collected from children will be removed immediately from the database.

Use of Information

It is used for communicating with the costumers, to process the orders and to facilitate the customer’s transactions on the website or 3rd party sites and partner sites and inform the customers about offers and discounts available in future.

Contact data as well as traffic data is used by the website to collect statistics about the visitors and customers. It is used for your benefits including demographic data to generate collective information about the users and to identify the users specifically.

Company also use the technology information to suit the personal information of customers and 3rd party list information to other categories to improvise the profiles of individuals. It also helps them in tracking the online browsing habits of the customers.

The personal information collected from customers are also shared with 3rd parties for the purpose of securing the services and products that you have requested for or provide you the additional marketing materials from where you can choose additional services and products.

Company may also disclose the aggregate statistic related to the behaviour of the customers as a measure of interest in and use of the website and email to 3rd parties in form of aggregate data.

The non-individualized data or information can be sold by the company. Advertising agencies, advertising networks or others that place ads on our website may comprise cookies, clear gifts and other technologies to collect information and the company has no control over such technologies.             

The website may comprise of hypertext links to website of 3rd parties for which the company is not responsible for the private practices and content of such websites. Company reverses the rights to disclose, transfer and sell the personal information to the companies that are associated with the company.